About us

Established in 1992, TELPROJMONT has focused on construction and building telecommunication networks. Massive experience gained during carrying out countless kilometers of overhead and underground networks made the company to adapt modern trenchless technologies to face the implementation of new ventures.

HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING is the main company’s activity nowadays. A wide range of drilling machines and the professional staff qualifications enable us to undertake the most demanding tasks in need of all the underground installations.
The prime quality of service and the accumulated experience during all over Poland installations was the springboard for the company. The big contract in Denmark in 2007 made TELPROJMONT an international brand. Since 2011 the company has been the contractor of the fiber-optic passive infrastructure realizations in Germany.

We are open to any international projects concerning:

  • horizontal directional drilling;
  • building telecommunication networks;
  • FTTx projects;
  • building sewer and waterline systems.